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Shooting The Video also produces a range of other Videography services including Television Commercials, Live Concerts, Motion Graphics, and Streaming Video for local San Antonio companies. Feel free to ask us about any Videography service you might need and we would be happy to meet with your company. Since we are a small company, our rates are very reasonable and often save you thousands of dollars compared to other "high-end" production companies. Just use the form below to request more information.

Television Commercials: It used to be that the bigger the equipment, the better the quality. However, with the use of all digital equpment, image quality now rivals even the most expensive video formats. There is no need to spend extreme amounts of money for the same quality of service and product, unless of course your company just wants to spend, spend, spend.

Live Concerts/Music Videos: Since we use smaller digital 3-chip cameras, we can fit into just about any environment and shoot extreme situations like live concerts without intruding on the actual performance. Whether you need a cost effective live recording of your group performing or a staged music video, we offer a wide variety of musical and performance recordings.

Motion Graphics/Title Sequences: If your company needs a lively graphics demo or are looking for a way to show off your work, then we can create a variety of Motion Graphics and Title Sequences at a very down to earth rate. Motion Graphics are a very effective means of showing a variety of work in an intereting way.



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