Finished Videos:
If you have ever seen a home video, than you know that more is not necessarily better. People get bored easily watching home videos and usually turn them off after a short while. Your wedding will not be a home video. No boring shots. No long shots. We spend over 40+ hours editing every wedding we shoot and you will be able to watch your wedding story over and over again.

The Wedding Story
The Complete Wedding Story - Up to 20 Hours on Locations

The most personalized and unique package we offer, is a Complete Wedding Story. The Complete Wedding Story is a package that not only shows a couple walking down the aisle together, but tells the story of how the couple met, their first date and the exact moment they knew it was true love with actual bride and groom interviews. This gives the bride and groom a chance to express their love for each tell everyone the story behind their union.

The Complete Wedding Story also includes a "Diapers-to-Dating" music video which helps show each couple's unique story with their own photographs. We love what we do and once you see our work, you will truly appreciate how much time and devotion we put into the work we do.

The Complete Wedding Story is priced at $3,000

The Guests Package
The Guests Package - Up to 10 Hours on Location

Our most popular package, The Guests Package, is focused on capturing the entire wedding event. Besides capturing the location and ceremony like The Couples Package, The Guests Package also captures guest interviews, photography sessions after the ceremony, the speeches given to the new couple, the cutting of the cake, the first dance, and also the guests dancing and having a great time. The only add-on we recommend aside from the wedding package is a music video made from still photographs of the couple dating.

The Guests Package is priced at $2,000
Add-on a "Diapers-to-Dating" Music Video for only $250

The Couples Package

The Couple's Package - Up to 4 Hours on Location

The Couples Package is the smallest package we offer and is focused on the Ceremony itself. Besides filming the ceremony, we also film the location, capturing all of the details and decorations of the event. If a photography session is scheduled at the church, then we also film this as well. The finished piece will be around 20-30 minutes in length and we suggest adding a music video, made from still photographs of the couple dating, to make this a complete story.

The Couples Package is priced at $1,000
Add-on a "Diapers-to-Dating" Music Video for only $250

Additional Add-on Services:

Photo Music Video (Dating, Honeymoon, etc.) $250
Additional VHS Copies (minimum order of 5) $20
Additional DVD Copies (minimum order of 5) $25


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