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Standard Features:
With every video we shoot, you get the same quality of service, equipment, and dedication. Each package includes the use of Multiple Cameras, Microphones, and an attention to capturing all the little details. We use all Digital Equipment because doing so allows us to capture, edit, and master without losing any quality. We show up early to record the enviroment untouched, leave late in order to get all of the perfect shots, and give you 110% in everything that we do.

Cameras: It used to be that the bigger the equipment, the better the quality. Heavier equipment also meant that it had to be mounted on huge tripods and remain stationary during the shooting. Today though, the smaller the equipment, the more intimate the shots can be. We shoot all of our weddings with small, 3-chip digital cameras. These newer cameras not only capture light more naturally, shoot better quality, and record better audio, but they allow us the freedom to move around and capture multiple angles. Also, with optical zooms ranging in the 20x range, we are able to capture shots from a distance. There is no "in your face" style shooting.

Audio: With the use of wireless microphones we are able to capture every vow, no matter where we are positioned. We also use additional micrphones for the ceremony as a secondary backup just in case. After the ceremony, we also use microphones to record the speeches, cutting of the cake, the reception, and your guests wishing you the best. Audio will be of excellent quality.

The Editing Process: Our Editing: What makes us different from other companies is that we care how our finished work makes you feel. One of our main goals is to change the way you see wedding videos. What we strive to create is something that can be watched countless times because we know that this will be the greatest memory of your wedding day. We spend countess hours perfecting each shot, finding the perfect music, adding the softest transitions, and creating that "warm feeling." Every couple we have the opportunity to work with is touched at just how personal their wedding video turns out to be. Also, all of our work is edited non-Linear which basically means that from start to finish your wedding looses NO quality! Our edited master is just as beautiful as the originals. With a minimum of over 40 hours spent editing each wedding, you can be assured that your wedding video will be something you will forever cherish.

Finished Tapes: Each finished video will be around 30-45 minutes in length, because we only use the best shots in our finished pieces. If you have ever seen a home video, than you know that more is not necessarily better. People get bored easily watching home videos and usually turn them off after a short while. Your wedding tape will not be a home video. No boring shots. No long shots. You will watch it over and over again! Output is also available in VHS, CD-ROM, or DVD.


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