• No Rewinding  • 2x the Quality of VHS  • Extra Scenes  • Instant Scene Access  • Navigational Menus

DVDs are the Future:
Having your wedding archived onto a DVD creates a perfect copy of your wedding and allows you to skip to any section instantly. You can navigate to the first kiss or jump straight to the words "I Do." DVDs alow you to create chapters, includes photos, love letters, behind the scenes footage, or even add your honeymoon footage for a complete wedding story. There is NO Rewinding. No Wear-and-Tear like on VHS tapes. DVDs are twice the quallity of a VHS copy. DVDs offer instant access to any scene and unique Navigational Menus. DVDs last over 50 Years. DVDs are the Future!

Your Wedding:
Scene Access: After your entire wedding is completely edited, we divide it up into "Chapters" that can be accessed from a DVD Menu. Each Chapter tells an individual story like the Entrance, the Ceremony, the Guests, Cutting the Cake, Speeches, and the First Dance. You can then put the DVD into almost any DVDplayer and instantly access whatever scene you want to watch first.

Putting your wedding onto a DVD allows you to personalize it even more than a VHS tape.Are you a romantic couple or more of silly couple? Do you travel a lot? Are you a modern couple? You can choose what type of interface the DVD will have and also how you will remember your day. We will cater to your personalities and create a theme that fits your personal lifestyles. This is after all, all about you. Let your personality shine through!

Motion Menus:
One other fun factor of having your weddding put onto a DVD is that you can use Motion Menus. Instead of simply being able to click on a still from your wedding, you will see actual motion clips for each scene. You will see mom crying... Dad trying to work the camera...

Decisions, Decisions:
DVDs vs VHS: If you have family who is computer savy.... If you usuallly rent DVDs instead of VHS tapes... If you love being in charge of the remote... If you want to skip straight to the first kiss... If you want to archive your wedding for your future children and grandchildren to see... Then DVDs are for you!

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