The following are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions that brides and grooms ask us. If these do not fully answer your question, then feel free to contact us or leave us a message and we'll get back to you shortly (210-520-0526).


Q: Why should we book with SHOOTING THE VIDEO?
A: After viewing our website and finding out about who we are, we hope that our work has spoken for itself. We have no fancy sales pitch, no pushy tactics, and we only rely on referrals and the strength of our work. Put simply, we love what we do and we would love to work for you.

Q: What makes SHOOTING THE VIDEO so unique?
A: We are not in the business of getting rich. We are not a wedding drive-through company that tries to as many clients as possible. We do this only because we love to tell stories. We do not simply shoot your wedding. We tell your story. There is a beginning, an ending, and after you see our wedding stories you feel like you actually know the couple.

Q: How do we reserve your services for our wedding date?
A: You may email or call us and we will schedule a sit down appointment with you. We will then go over all details and show you some of our work. In order to secure your specific date, we require 50% of the total price upfront. This will hold your date and assure you that we will not schedule any other wedding shoots on that date.

Q: How much in advance should we reserve a date?
A: Obviously, the sooner the better but we would say to book the date at least 3 months in advance. We have even had couples book an entire year in advance. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Q: Do you shoot multiple weddings on any given day?
A: We only schedule one wedding per day no matter what package is chosen. This leaves us with plenty of extra time to devote ourselves exclusively to you and your one day.


Q: Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?
A: We love rehearsals! These allow us to see exactly where everyone will sit, stand, who are the most important guests and to get to know the family better. Attending rehearsals is a must for any vendor to ensure that everything is well planned.

Q: What preparations are made for the day of the wedding?
A: During the reservation process we sit down with you and go over all details to make sure that we know exactly what you want. On the actual day we have extra tape and batteries, we double check all equipment, and arrive at least an hour and a half before set. There is no room for mistakes and we make sure that we are prepared.

Q: Do you do all of your own shooting and editing for all weddings?
A: Yes. We actually have degrees in Video/Audio Production and we do all of our own shooting and editing. The truth is that we simply do not trust anyone else to put the same time, effort, and dedication into your wedding. We give each client 100% or our attention.

Q: How long exactly will you be at our event?
A: Because every wedding is different, we do not assign times. We know that we need to be present before the required time and to stay until we get all important shots. Because we will be the ones who edit your video, we also know to get plenty of extra shots.

Q: Will your cameras or presence cause a distraction?
A: Our equipment is smaller than most companies so our presence should not cause any distraction. Even our lights are tiny and we rarely use them since the cameras have such low light settings. Because our cameras are smaller, we are also able to capture more intimate footage than with conventional "professional" cameras which are 3x the size.

Q: Do you interview guests?
A: Guest interviews are some of the most personal touches that can possibly be made to any wedding story. We love to set up a stand alone camera in a hall or out of the way so that guests can come at their convenience to wish the bride and groom their best. We do not point a camera in guests faces or blind them with lights. We are very organized, clean, and only shoot footage which is flattering to both you and your guests.


Q: How long will our finished video be?
A: Our completed wedding stories are usually around 35-50 minutes depending on which package you choose. We create nicely paced and entirely edited WEDDING STORIES. We do not let the camera roll and just hand you the tape. Too many vendors believe that more is better when more is usually just boring. Nobody wants to watch two hours of dancing. Our work is more like a small movie. We tell romantic stories and we are excellent at it.

Q: How many hours of actual tape do you shoot?
A: On a typical wedding day we will shoot about 4-5 hours of digital tape. Because we only include the best, funniest, and most romantic clips in order to tell a story, our finished product is nowhere near 4-5 hours. We bascially stay until we know that we have captured all of the important events of the day. We do not charge for extra hours, overtime, ect. On the busiest day of your life, we do not want you worrying about whether you will have to pay extra fees.

Q: Who chooses the style of music on our video?
A: Music is a big consideration that is very often overlooked by most vendors. We do not assume that you like Celine Dion or Kenny G just because all other vendors use them. We want your wedding story to be unique to you and for you to have a personal connection to the music. If you like jazz or country, then we will ask you to identify songs that you have a connection to. If you are a little more classical... more comical... hopeless romantics... or a even little funky, then your wedding story should reflect that.

Q: What is "Linear" and "Non-Linear" anyways? And what is "Digital" all about?
A: These terms are the difference between night and day in videography. They represent the old style and the newer style. Older, bigger, heavier cameras shoot in an "Analog" format that basically is recorded onto a tape as a signal. This signal is then copied to multiple tapes when edited and copied again to make VHS copies. When you copy a signal though, you get weaker signals down the line. Each signal is weaker than the last and you are bascially making a copy of a copy or a copy, ect. This is "Linear" editing and is also known as a generation loss.

"Non-Linear" and "Digital" refer to newer technologies. When you shoot with smaller "Digital" equipment you are shooting onto a digital tape that records 0's and 1's instead of a signal. This has huge differences in the editing world. Digital cameras also record twice the quality of Analog cameras. When you edit this digital tape you are making a perfect copy because you are copying numbers instead of a signal. Every single copy is a perfect copy. The end result, after capturing, editing, adding effects and transitions, is a crystal clear master. That master which is still the exact quality of the original is then used to make VHS copies. All of our equipment is digital all of our work is Non-Linear.


Q: Should we really consider DVD as an option?
A: DVDs, because of their interactivity, special features, and quality, are very quickly becoming a standard. DVD players are now being sold more than VHS players and DVD rentals have skyrocketed in the past few years. We suggest that every couple consider having their wedding story archived onto a DVD.

Q: What are DVDs and why are they so popular?
A: DVDs are large format discs that can hold many times more information than that of a CD. DVDs are perfect for movies because of their large file sizes and DVDs are twice the quality of VHS tapes. DVDs are also a perfect storage medium because they last over 50 years. To put it simply, DVDs are fun, easy to use, allow instant access, hold tons of information, and are a meduim that will be around for many years to come.

Q: Are DVDs expensive?
A: DVDs take time to encode and author but once the first one is made, the copies are very easy to duplicate and do not take much time all. Basically, the original will cost $300 and each additional copy will cost $20. This is about the same price that you will pay for a normal DVD in any store.

Q: What are some cool features of DVDs?
A: A DVD has folders, directories, unique menus, and they involve the user to a much greater extent. Instead of putting in a VHS tape and having to stop, rewind, or fast forward, you will be able to access any scene you want instantly. DVDs also have motion clips where you can actually see the action happening. They are very fun to navigate! Besides navigation though, DVDs also are even more personal because you can choose your own theme, color styles, navigation, music, and backgrounds. They can also be played on a computer, a laptop, and DVD players. They are also the perfect gift for anyone who is starting their DVD collection.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, personal checks, and money orders. The only payment type we do not currently accept is credit card.

Q: How is the payment broken down?
A: In order to secure our services and the date of your wedding, we require 50% of the total amount upfront. One month prior to the event we require an additional 25% payment. The final 25% is due upon completion of the finished wedding. Basically, there are 3 payments.

  • 50% to secure the date
  • 25% one month prior to the actual event
  • 25% upon completion


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